Welcome to my website! This is a site about me, fighting the universe...

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I am a graduate student majoring physics in University of Kentucky. Besides physics, I love programming, photography, playing video games (and losing them) and rock / classical music. Also I love Coke and hate Pepsi.

My specialties include *NIX system administration, typesetting with *TeX, photo manipulation with Adobe Photoshop/GIMP, Python programming and relationship up-screwing, etc. Here is a list of the tools I prefer:

OSMac OS X + Arch Linux
Text editorGNU Emacs
WMXmonad (in Arch)
Term emulatoriTerm2 + Rxvt-unicode
Music playerMPD
LangC/C++, Python, Scheme, Bash, HTML + CSS...

Find me in Github, deviantART, Flickr, Last.fm, Instagram, About.me, YouTube, Douban. And contact me via Twitter: @MetroWind.