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Glenn Gould

Gould 是个争议性人物,他的钢琴演奏受到无数人的唾骂,也受到无数人的赞美。我今天听了他的 Mozart piano sonata no.12,感觉是:这应该才是 Mozart 爷爷想说的。

下面是一个 Gould 弹 Mozart 的视频。传说他在音乐会上也是这样弹的...

下面有个 comment 也表达了我的想法:

Glenn is such a phenomenom to me, he plays exact, and precise, evey note is exactly equal in value, yet, there is passion and love for the music, if anybody else played like this, it would be almost mechanical, robotic, gould has mastered something i dont think many others will come close to.